An act of kindness is waiting…

A man dressed in worn-out clothing with a leg injury passes by many in the ever lively NYC. Businessmen, lawyers, doctors, teachers and others zoomed by him, not even giving the man a simple “hello” or cheerful wave. 

What does it take to notice someone? Do they have to be critically injured? Do we not notice their internal pain?

The homeless man continued to walk until he was pushed by some young kids. Another man yelled at him. A woman got angry because of his smell. The homeless experience many, many things and often more than us. They are wanderers of the day and night. They are nomads of the lands.

Whose land is it? Ours or theirs? It belongs to all of us. We need to respect them, but they already respect us. Other countries must follow. The problem is not them (the poor), it’s us. 

An act of kindness is waiting and YOU are a big part of it. 


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