Got Friends?

A friend is:

One who can relate to you.

One who knows what’s happening to you.

One who can vouch for you in the event of an emergency or an urgency.

Friendship is perceived differently by any two given people. One may believe fewer friends is best while another grasps the notion of popularity. Who is correct? There is no simple answer. 

What is friendship then and how do we measure the degree to which friendship is deemed “fulfilling?”

Let’s classify it as follows:

Suppose we say 5 is the minimum amount of friends one needs to accumulate before he or she is officially considered to have a basic friendship. As a result, those with 4, 3, 2, or 1 friend(s) are friendless. This absolutely doesn’t make sense…what is happening? We are aiming too high.

Friendship starts once we acquire that one friend who makes us happy. Upon shaking hands with him or her, we establish friendship and embark on the lifelong journey to strengthen that bond. Fast forwarding to old age, what is friendship then?

So we create two distinct friendships in our life. Who we choose may determine how well we improve and jump higher into greater degrees of friendship. Think of lifelong friends as a bonus – you kept them the longest and they kept you the longest and that is the greatest achievement possible.

Who exactly can be a friend? Anyone or anything from an invisible friend to a lonely stray dog or even a tiny lizard that hurriedly passes your shoes as you take a walk in the wilderness.

There you have it – friends and friendship deserve much more attention and thought, but I hope you and your friends are making wonderful memories together.

Life waits for no one. Make friends from all over the world. They will learn from you as much as you will learn from them.

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