5 Important Life Lessons from Warcraft

Warcraft takes place in a magical world, but did you know deep inside there are some hidden gems? It’s not just a story, it’s like Aesop’s fables – crafted for more than just reading. Here we go:

1) Work together to combat evil: Humans, orcs and elves fought together to protect the world from the Burning Legion. The races have their differences both internal and external, yet they joined forces to combat a growing evil that simply had to be stopped much like global warming and other hot button issues we face today. 

2) Life takes mysterious turns: Illidan was locked up for 10,000 years. Why? He had betrayed his own people, but he eventually was put in a situation where he decided to free his kin, Tyrande. Therefore, he was set free. This angered Maiev, the warden, so much she could not let go of her anger and decided to chase him. Much like that, in our own lives, we never know what to expect – we are placed in countless situations to see how we react. We encounter negativity that grasps us tightly, but sometimes we have the comfort of positive people. 

3) Stand up for yourself: Many of the characters in the lore have interesting backgrounds. They took what people said to them and chose their own paths. Sometimes, they had to betray, form allies and fight. They never let anyone stand in their way. We should do the same – our life is our own and not one to be trifled with. 

4) Age dooms us: Many characters are mortals and face the challenge of old age. Their powers grow weak and they eventually pass away. They give all they have for their brethren, clans and tribes. Nothing more, nothing less. In the end, death consumes them. We never know how long we live, but we must carry on. Death shouldn’t be feared; rather, death is like an honor – you lived, you fought and you had the chance to better the life of others.

5) The weak are trampled upon: The Burning Legion sought to end a peaceful world and dominate the helpless. For those creatures of the sea or of those dwelling in the forests, there was no sanctuary. Anyone vulnerable was in trouble. On the contrary, the brave fighters held their ground and mustered armies and allies to fight the Burning Legion. Those heroes we never forget. We know poverty and hunger drive people to their deaths. The rich enjoy their lavish lifestyle while the poor do much of the work. Then there are those who speak up and provide that one voice that echoes on forever in the hearts of people. They inspire us to think and do more to improve life for all creatures. 

There you have it – this list is merely a handful of many life lessons acquired from the Warcraft story. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and do not forget to explore, think, say and do what you desire. 

Cover image credit: George Becker

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