Social Media and the Hajj Pilgrimage

The rituals of the Hajj are taking place as we speak and every Hajj-related article has its negativities. I am following the comments on ABC 7’s Facebook page for the following article:

After a quick glance, I already see terrible, idiotic comments from people who have no decency:

1) The stampede that killed around 2400 people in 2015 is not something to make fun of. Saying ‘LOL’ is absolutely the worst. Please, if you’re going to stoop to that level, you need to grow up. It’s not funny at all. How would YOU like it if someone mocked the deaths of your own kin or friends? Is that what you would want? No, right? So please shut up. 

2) Predicting how many people will die this year also makes me burn with anger. This is not a game. Wishing for people’s deaths is not something to state in public. If you’re going to say that, you need to learn morals and what it means to be a human. Frankly, you need to learn to forgive and be empathetic. A loss is not joy, it is a tragedy that needs to be respected. In any case, NEVER EVER think you even have a right to state how many  people will die. 

3) The age old all Muslims are terrorists never gets old. All those people who enjoy spewing out nonsense need to be ashamed of themselves. You need to be taught logic. If all Muslims were terrorists, would you be alive? Also, please try to make friends with others who are not of your own religion. Stop ostracizing others and filling BS thoughts in others’ minds. You are causing a horrible rumor to be spread and some day, you will be punished for your actions. You think you have a right to say whatever you want, but I will say this to you: I am deeply offended by all those harsh words and I wish you would realize you need to reframe your thoughts and values. You are a poison to this world. 

Social media has created a means of inciting hatred but also a way of calming others down. The idea of everyone being connected and exchanging thoughts is indeed a blessing and a curse. Every single time an article like this comes, people are ready to voice their vile opinions. It sickens me to the point where these blog posts must be made. I don’t want to be writing about this – I want to explore other topics, but I am forced to confront something I hate to write about. It leaves me angry, sad and ruins the weekend. We hope to have a relaxing weekend but that’s just not going to happen.

Please THINK properly before you write a comment. Don’t spew out nonsense and keep yourself sane. The peril of people’s disgraceful behavior will only cause further deterioration. I will end with this:

WAKE UP AMERICA. WE are in a state of crisis. With every hateful comment, we reach an even more dangerous path that tears us apart.


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