Let’s Eat 2 (Korean Drama) Impressions

Social skills are a must for any individual looking to advance anywhere in life. What is Let's Eat 2? A drama with a focus on dining on delicious and tempting foods, but also a wake-up call for making social interactions meaningful. Meeting new people for the first time is a piece of cake for some (definitely... Continue Reading →


Global Warming is Real Mr. Trump (Please read)

But CO2 concentrations were higher in the past… [Merlin and Gaius are chatting about magic when suddenly…] Gaius: Merlin! Don’t you ever think of the CO2 we breathe out? Merlin: Yes, Gaius. These days, CO2 levels are skyrocketing as high as the stars...I worry – Gaius: Really? But, they were higher before in the past…are... Continue Reading →

Introducing the ‘World Truths’ Series

World truths come in many shapes and forms. This post will be one of many where I discuss a topic that needs to come out wide and loud. Today we will discuss the following: Wildlife Tourism Wildlife and humans spells conflict. Yet, humans are the ones causing problems for the animal world. Petting tigers and... Continue Reading →

No words

I yearn for more. 2 lines is all I get. No more. No less. The words stop flowing like a river barricaded by fallen trees. I wait and cry out from inside, but no voice is uttered.  My heart aches for something new. "Hey, we haven't talked in a long time." Yes, we haven't, but... Continue Reading →

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