Introducing the ‘World Truths’ Series

World truths come in many shapes and forms. This post will be one of many where I discuss a topic that needs to come out wide and loud.

Today we will discuss the following: Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife and humans spells conflict. Yet, humans are the ones causing problems for the animal world. Petting tigers and riding elephants is an issue far from harmless. Sure, people would likely say “I am not harming a tiger by petting it so why is it wrong?” 

The answer is not easily describable in a couple sentences; the truth is animals are abused daily and people need to stop showing off with pictures. 

I’m sorry if the above statement offends you but until we realize the message we are sending to our children, we are dooming ourselves. Just imagine: the FREEDOM of an animal is at stake. For a more drastic perspective, what if you were chained, drugged and put on a table only to be used for entertainment purposes? 

I am absolutely sickened by those who think it’s “cool” to take selfies and share with friends. By being involved in such a horrific act, we would wish there’d be a punishment. The people who promote such activity should pay a hefty fine. 

Let’s face it…

  1. Animal rights are non-existent. 
  2. People are selfish for participating in such activity. 
  3. Wildlife population decline is surely due to human activity. 
  4. Children need to be taught wildlife should never be used for entertainment purposes. 

Please stop purchasing tickets for circuses for the sake of elephants. Let them roam free…

Only when wildlife is free will we be able to call ourselves intelligently superior. We are degrading the lands that belong to those wonderful creatures. Once they’re gone, our emptiness shall never dissipate…

Fight for what’s right and you will never see a dull day in your life. 

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