Let’s Eat 2 (Korean Drama) Impressions

Social skills are a must for any individual looking to advance anywhere in life. What is Let’s Eat 2? A drama with a focus on dining on delicious and tempting foods, but also a wake-up call for making social interactions meaningful.

Meeting new people for the first time is a piece of cake for some (definitely not the case for me) while others need to rehearse and practice for the big day, be it a friendly gathering or a professional interview. In any case, we can analyze social behavior in so many ways – one way is the lunch or dinner setting. Why is food such an important factor in socializing with people? We know food connects people together of different backgrounds and opens windows to different cultures; however, what about those who live in the same community?

Sejong is the “place” where the drama takes place. Most workers live away from their families; thus, we see the everyday lives of “single” people play out. An insurance sales agent, who is also a popular food blogger (hence the name of the drama, Let’s Eat), finds an apartment in an old, run-down complex in Sejong where the tenants have minimal interactions. What will connect them together? Food

The first 5 episodes already provide a rich overview of the store – a writer hopes to break out of hermit lifestyle and get married while a “selective” workaholic and civil servant attempts to hide his emotions and playfulness. Although there’s much more to the story, the food is what guides the drama and essentially connects all the characters together. As stated before, people exhibit their own behaviors when engaged in social settings which may not necessarily reflect actual personalities. With twists and turns and a well-thought out script, the richness is unlike any other drama you’ve probably seen.

As a reserved person myself, I learned valuable social skills and lessons from the characters. Surprisingly, I even learned a thing or two about household chores and how single people live versus those who are married. I am excited to put what I’ve learned into action and see if that enhances my networking and general social skills. Interacting with others should not be difficult, but rather be like a lifelong hobby.

Image credit: unsplashed.com

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