Be Free

Wake up. Cut the tv and other distractions and unleash your inner demon.
Let your thoughts take over. Destroy any drips of materialism and wealth in an instant.
Channel your energy to the brain. Concentrate – 1,2,3. Are you ready?
It’s that time of year again. But remember, be free…

You hear the crowds chattering – what should I get? I am so stressed out; I need to purchase so many gifts still. The shopping is endless – a year-round ordeal.
You hear blaring horns and people chasing through red lights, leaving pedestrians confused.

Recall. Your instincts tell you to fit in. I say fit out. Be alone. Don’t worry, it will do more good for you than bad.
Remember, be free for there is nothing else waiting for you…

What are your thoughts? Where is your energy going? Express your mind and yourself.
The crowd is massive, yet passive. The traffic is lively, yet zombie-like.
Will you survive the madness? Will you be able to restrain yourself?

Walk, my friend, don’t run. Remember, be free…
Who are you trying to compete with? No one…

Who are you trying to please? No one…
Finding yourself lonely, you may feel the urge to talk. Yes, do so, but with good company.

Talk, with a cup of tea at hand. Enjoy the light refreshments. After all, it is a joyous time.
But, be wary of the demons lurking. They are your negative thoughts, the ones waiting to snatch your light away.
Remember, be free…

Laugh, but retain a hint of sadness, for you are fortunate, unlike the masses who reside outside your country.
Your tea, your light refreshments, and your air are not free, so don’t take them for granted.
Remember, be free…

Cry, for you have likely lost a loved one or experienced anguish in one way or another sometime in the year.
Memories are all you may have, but remain cautious. Even the best of memories have a mind of their own.
Remember, be free…

Sing to your heart’s content. Whether it is done silently or before good company, may it evoke emotion.
Let it be heard loud and clear.
Remember, be free…

Explore and question. Your thoughts and energy should have ignited curiosity by now.

You’re an excavator – digging and searching for clues.
You’re a knight – a protector of the light.
You’re a gladiator – a fighter to the very end.
You’re a saint – a helper to all.
You’re a magician – an invoker of emotion.

Most of all:
You’re a lover of mankind. You’re willing to vanquish enemies and make peace within your community.

Don’t let anyone ever take that away from you…

Be free…

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