Climate Change RAP (CO2)

Thought it’d be fun to write a climate change rap! Here it goes:

CO2…1 carbon, 2 oxygens, what can they do?
CO2…1 carbon, 2 oxygens, what can they do?
You don’t know their prevalence. You don’t know their strength.
All you do is ignore, ignore, ignore.
What’s it to you? Oh, you don’t give a ___. Busy spending money on big oil, eh? Busy working the money, eh?

You don’t wanna know…but CO2 is your biggest enemy. There is nothing more powerful, nothing more dangerous.
Yet, your comfort pleases you. Outside you see the smog take over. What? Nothing you do.
All you do is lie and cheat. Keep to yourself like a pair of soccer cleats.

Oh, so you don’t wanna know? CO2 is a greenhouse gas. That’s GHG. Got it?
3 letters…all it takes to destroy the planet. What? You don’t know about the polar bears?
Ice, ice, ice baby. What’s it to you? Put it in your drinks? That’s cool.
What about the bears? Their life depends on it. You can live without it!

Oh, so you don’t wanna know? CO2 is a killer. You see. It warms up the planet. Don’t get me started on the planet’s history because if you don’t listen, YOU will be history.
GHG, got that? His friends are in the game, too. But, you know what? CO2 is your biggest enemy, not anyone or anything else. Let it reach your brain, let it reach your thoughts and let it be the reason for action.

Oh my, looks like you’ve got a new competitor at hand. It’s not another company, it’s not your wealth – it’s your own self.
GHG, The G middle H G. CO2, C Double O. Got it?

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