Why disadvantages will hinder you (with some added benefit)

Here we are in 2017. We’re divided as ever and internal strife is harming our lifestyle. There are those struggling to survive while others are striving to make as much money as possible. Why is this? There are those who share their deepest thoughts, but they feel as hopeless as ever. Why doesn’t anyone listen? There are those who fill themselves with hatred and bring out their darkest sides against those who either immediately cower and fall back or fight back. Indeed one conquers and the other is conquered.

These are the disadvantages that break us  while there are also opportunities to rise even higher. Unfortunately, the problems we face internally and in our daily activities have their own spikes and dangers. We are burdened by our personality or limited to our capabilities. Can we change that as we please? Maybe so but I believe maybe not. These disadvantages we confront are not only our enemies, but they are also a sign of our weakenesses and lack of ability. We cannot accomplish everything we put our mind to even though we often hear the contrary. The positive thinking we have sometimes hurts us the most. What are we to do? Think back to all those moments where you were told to be something you knew you didn’t want to be or do something you knew you viciously despised. Weren’t you thinking ‘my life is my own, please do not interfere?’ Depending on your gender, you were treated differently and had different experiences as a result. These are disadvantages that tear our very hope slowly.

Your thoughts are different from mine. You like painting and I dislike it, for instance. Does that difference bring us closer together or not? The answer is it brings us closer; you have the ability to teach me painting. In other words, my disadvantage is both a disadvantage and an advantage. I can learn, but my painting skill level will be greyed out until I try. Now, going back to what was previously stated, can all your disadvantages be transformed? Probably not. There will absolutely be activities or sports you will excel at no matter what. Are athletes born athletes? Are teachers born teachers? Our disadvantages are what make us different. One may prefer chocolate over vanilla and that will affect his or her choice of cake or flavored milk. See how one simple difference can become huge?

A tree or leaf diagram may be useful to highlight our disadvantages and advantages. It may appear odd that I am saying that preferring chocolate over vanilla is a disadvantage but this is just a silly example to get our brain cells wild and running. Indeed vanilla may have a unique benefit chocolate does not have. Being bilingual or trilingual surely has its perks. If you speak one language, say English, you will survive no problem. But a person who speaks multiple languages has hidden advantages you may never ever learn even in old age. These are the hidden advantages most people do not understand. Of course, many will not be applicable to everyday life or help you achieve greater success but even so, that minute advantage may just be that one thing that differentiates you from the rest of the competition in an interview, for example.

Anyway, nowadays we face greater challenges like racism or gender superiority. Keeping in mind what we talked about earlier, can we solve those problems? I say never; before I used to believe all problems are solvable, but there are other hidden issues that will keep the problem intact like gum that will find a place to stick to no matter where it travels. This disadvantage hinders us with a couple added benefits because we can learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them. The hindrance arises from our thoughts and negativity towards others whether it be harsh words or body language.

[To be continued]

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