The Early Twenties…

It's been 2 years since my college graduation and a 1 year and 2 months since I started working. I'm almost 24 and realizing life is speeding up. Things around me are changing, but I need to change myself, too.

I need to get back into the game. Toastmasters has helped me sharpen my communication skills and meet people of various backgrounds, age groups and cultures. However, the time has come to take control and steer myself in the right direction.

Many people that have entered my life over the past year and a half have influenced me tremendously. I enjoy their company, especially those in my Toastmasters club. Those people are my favorite of all and I cannot thank them enough for being supportive. In high school and college, I was that shy guy who never interacted in large groups and participated in large scale events. I was afraid to network, take on new projects and build leadership skills. I never thought Toastmasters could have such a positive impact, but I was gladly wrong because I absolutely love the kindness and generosity exercised by each of the members. Having a mentor who is by my side every step of the way is reassuring. Although I have a long way to go in my journey, I have to say I have the best mentor ever. Moreover, recently I became a mentor myself and started doing my part to help my mentee as much as possible. Truthfully, I am glad to have such an amazing opportunity to work with someone else. In the process of teaching someone, I knew I would learn more about the topics related to Toastmasters as well. I hope I can make my mentee happy and transfer my knowledge, if not more, as much as my mentor has done for me so far.

Besides growing as a Toastmasters member, there is another serious topic and that is love. I know there are plenty of articles saying do this, do that and don't do that. However, the process is entirely confusing for me. I have only recently broken out of my comfort zone and shyness, yet I find myself wanting to discover one of life's most important aspects. What is this love and how does it start? It seems most people ask the same questions about love and wonder about its difficulty. Of course I am in no rush but curiosity has taken control. One day I wonder what it will be like. In one of the Korean historical dramas called Emperor Wang Gun, the Empress stated something along the lines of the following:

Women give their lives for the men whom they love. But, the men are interested in pursuing other desires.

This particular statement made me think about how men and women interact and what is it that makes a marriage truly great. In historical times, it seems women were treated unfairly by their husbands because conquest and fame seemed to be priorities, unfortunately. However, I would never want to hurt my future spouse…I don't know why, but the Empress' statement just got to me. What will it be like for me? I continue to ponder…

This must be the experimental stage of life as they say where nothing is for sure and it is a matter of trying to persevere and eliminating the word 'worry' from one's vocabulary. After all, life's a big test!


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    1. Thank you! Yes, Toastmasters has improved my life in so many ways as it has for others! Glad more people are joining and learning about it in my community.

      How has the Toastmasters experience been for you?


      1. I have been a Toastmasters since 2006. That is a good question. Maybe that should be a table topics question. Toastmasters gives me more confidence and it also challenges me and I like that

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      2. Wow, that is a long time! Also, that’s great to hear. I agree – the more meeting roles and speeches we do, the more confidence we build. It is indeed challenging, yet incredibly fun.

        What has been one of your your most memorable moments in Toastmasters? A Contest? A particular speech?


      3. I gave a speech where I explained what it is like to be a person waiting for a kidney transplant. I showed them what dialysis means and the two kinds of dialysis and explain what it feels like to do those treatments. At the very end, my very last sentence I explained that I know all about how it feels because I had my successful transplant in 1987. That was the end of my speech and everyone was stunned in the audience. My speech evaluator was in tears, and I knew that I had made an impact. It was very meaningful to me.

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      4. A very touching topic! It’s nice you shared a personal experience and turned it into an informative speech. People are not often aware of certain things and I can only imagine how the audience and speech evaluator must have felt…

        Thank you for sharing and for your bravery and willpower in waiting for a transplant and undergoing the procedure. I cannot fathom what it must have felt like for you back in the 1980s.


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