Pyramid Escape!


Imagine this. You're transported to a pyramid, but you're not alone. You find yourself accompanied by people of various ages, backgrounds and personalities. You all have one goal in mind: To escape the great pyramid! The challenge? You have to complete a set of tasks using teamwork, strategy and communication. After all, it's an all or nothing deal. Supporting each other is the only way to succeed. Are you ready to put your mind to the test? You must put aside any negative energy that could cause you to all suffer greatly. Remember to stay positive as the strenuous journey is about to begin…


Ok, put your mind at ease. The obstacles that must be confronted are nothing to fret about if you and your team act as one unit. Sacrifices must be made, but don't worry! For those especially dangerous obstacles, you'll have an extra life!

What are these obstacles I'm talking about? Traps that may impale you. Fire that will consume you if you do not move about in a strategic manner. Ice that will freeze your bodies so you are left helpless. Moreover, creatures that are ravenous for flesh may surprise you. But, stay together and function as a proper team and you will likely survive. Of course, these obstacles will put your communication skills to the test. After all, if you can't communicate, how are you going to escape and live your life? You want to be free, right? That is the ultimate goal, however you and your team have been chosen specially to face such threatening obstacles. You have no choice. Cast aside your fears, forget about your past, don't even ponder the future and get ready and I mean ready to face whatever is in front of you…

Commencing the Escape

Oh, did I forget to tell you? You can select the obstacles you will face…at least the ones YOU yourself pick. Your team may have their own strengths and weaknesses and will choose based on those characteristics, but it'll be ok. Don't let that get you down. Life constantly throws you out of place and it's up to you to decide whether you will stand and fight or flee.

I assume all obstacles have been picked by now. The game is finally ready!

Your first obstacle: Spike Traps.

What is this about? Each row contains a set of circles. Only one circle out of the 2 or 3 is free of spikes that will kill you in one hit. There are approximately 30-40 rows. Sacrifices must be made and there is no going back. You must reach the portal to successfully complete the obstacle!

Have you read the information above carefully? If you haven't or only read it once, read it – perhaps thrice! Background information on all obstacles will be provided prior to the commencement. In life, we may sign a document without reading it to its entirety and later find out that little mistake turned out to be a grave one. Be cautious, young one!

Your team must decide who will risk their life first. Don't be foolish and follow one person, for that person may lead you to demise. Got it? We cannot blindly follow a person or a set of rules set in place by society just because we are too lazy or otherwise too indifferent to even give a damn about our own lives! Get rid of your pride and focus on reaching the portal at the end. That's your goal – your only goal right now!

By now, your team is finally ready to make a move. Your team decided you should move first. You take a step on the third circle. Guess what? You survived. However, 3 members of your team were not paying attention for whatever reason and stepped on the first circle so they are dead. On the other hand, the remaining 2 members followed you. 1 survived like you, but one was unfortunately careless and took a step on the second circle, indifferent to the pathing, so death awaits him/her.

We gave you an extra life right? Your team members who died revived at the start. Sadly, they made the same mistake again. Now, those members are dead for sure and will not revive for the rest of the time remaining for that obstacle. The only other person who survived with you suddenly dies for no reason. Now what? You're confused and all alone…

Lessons Learned?

How could this happen? What did you learn?
I'll leave that up to you. Each person will have taken something different away from this story.

No one perished in this story. The entire story is based on a popular custom game in Warcraft III called 'Pyramid Escape.' Thank you to the creator for devising such a brilliant, tough, yet lively map.

I decided to turn the map into a story – something a bit different with lessons at the end. After all, communication and teamwork are needed everywhere, including games!!!

Thank you for reading and if you found this helpful in any aspect, please like, comment and share!



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