Hate vs. Love

The alluring aura of hate is powerful. It is so easy to be engulfed by the dark powers.

Think about it. We see racism, violence and intense hatred of others in our everyday lives. Why link an action of a few to an entire group of people? Why assume you know more than others about a certain topic? This is precisely the cause of division among us. Why does hate trump love?

Why do people have to bother others every step of the way? Why not support and bring others up rather than down. I’m utterly confused. It’s as if we’re magicians placing curses on each other. Whoever is the most adept at “dark” magic overpowers the other. Think of bullying, spreading rumors and cheating on others. All these are the curses!

What’s on the other side of all this hate and darkness? The light. Yes, the shining light kills whatever may come in its path. However, obtaining that light and staying on the right path are tough to do. We are constantly bombarded by temptations. Maybe I can make this person’s life a mess by doing X. Perhaps I can steal Y from Z. I hate/am jealous of Q. What keeps us from harming others is our patience and willingness to stay righteous. No matter what, we need to understand others, give in sometimes and show compassion.

Try not to be the person who despises others based on false reasons and believes there is no one more correct. Try to listen and carefully observe others’ actions and correct them in a peaceful manner. Don’t resort to burying others so deep they can’t get out. Rather, love others so they can simply live. Let them be…let them be…let them be…


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