We Are One

We breathe the same air.

We inhabit the same planet.

We face struggles.

We have different moods throughout the day.

We lose our beloved.

We share what bothers us.

We have our bad habits, but strive to eliminate them.

We have our crushes and losses.

We feel hope which empowers us.

We feel hopeless at times.

We look to someone to be there for us.

We have a desire to better our community.

We have a desire to improve ourselves.

We have a desire to learn about cultures.

We are open-minded creatures.

We sometimes are tempted to commit wrongdoings.

We stand our ground when we must.

We give up when it’s too difficult.

We hold on when we feel something or someone is worth it.

We live our life to the fullest.

We are unaware of those unexpected events that catch us off guard.

We dare to dream.

We believe we know it all.

We know learning is a lifelong habit.

We know we can’t do it alone.

We know we need support.

We know we need love.

We know hate doesn’t solve anything.

Who are you and who am I?

We are one.

To all of humanity: Love, not hate.



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