A Fowl Plan Backfires (Aesop’s Fable 55)

Hello. Welcome to the first of a handful of Aesop’s fables’ translations. I am getting back into the “Classical Greek” mode of translating texts so here goes!

A Fowl Plan Backfires

When the mistress hears the rooster, she orders the servants to hasten out of their beds to work. The servants of the mistress are not willing to work; they slay the rooster. The mistress, after not hearing the rooster, does not know the time and orders the servants to work earlier in the morning. The servants are harmed by their own plans.

This fable teaches us about unexpected consequences of our actions. We all make choices, but sometimes we don’t get what we wanted in the end. What are your thoughts? What were your reactions after reading this?

Hope you enjoyed this fable. Stay tuned for more!

Image credit: Pixabay


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