Job Searching Gripes

Whether you’re a recent graduate, soon-to-be graduate or seasoned professional, chances are you’re going to be involved in a job search. Too young or too old? Too much or too little experience? These can be concerns, but there are 2 issues that vex me (there are more definitely to discuss!) and probably make you wonder as well what’s going on in the job searching world.

1. Same job posting again and again – Why is an employer doing this? Here are three reasons:

  • Perhaps they are seeking the perfect candidate who is immaculate in every aspect, brighter than the brightest, the cream of the — wait, what? How is that possible? Humans make mistakes and employers need to stop this habit NOW. Please do not throw out all the potentially capable candidates’ resumes and do NOT leave those who interviewed with the impression that they cannot do the job well. Give people a chance. Some people may have suffered tremendously to get to where they are now, only to be ghosted or left behind because they lack a software skill that could be taught or do not have the exact # of years of experience in X, Y or Z. Employers and candidates need to be on the same team, not different ones. Help each other out.
  • An internal candidate was found, but the job posting is still there. The average person won’t know what’s happening and may be a good fit, only to be left behind because a posting wasn’t properly removed, job status on company website wasn’t changed from active to inactive, or an e-mail stating the position has been filled has not been sent. But one can only try to submit resumes/cover letters to as many employers as possible.
  • The company may have problems. If the time gaps between the same job posting are reasonable, perhaps several months to a year, it could be a sign the company has a problem retaining employees. Weak benefits package? Lack of communication? Upper management issues? Who knows.

2. No response after sending an e-mail, after a phone interview or after in-person interview –   Anything can go wrong during the job search. You never know what can happen. It could be internal problems, perhaps some communication issues, tech issues, who knows… but, following-up may be the best. For interview set-up e-mails, a 2-3 day wait should be good between your e-mails if there is no response, but only do the follow-up e-mail once and move on to other jobs OR just move on entirely since you need to focus your efforts elsewhere. For interviews with no responses, usually 1-2 weeks is a good time for a follow-up unless mentioned otherwise by the employer. Phone is better and a calm demeanor will help. Perhaps you’ll still be left wondering what’s happening or hear good news. No response? Move on to other jobs.

All in all, if you feel any frustration or others are negative to you during the process whether it be via e-mail or on phone, keep calm and move on. Just accept what has happened. Don’t respond to the negativity. You will find a job one day. Keep on looking and good luck! I’m in the same boat as you and trying to do the same to better myself. Finally, try to find something fun to do in between your job search to relieve some stress.

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