Two sides to everything

There are good memories and there are some that are bad... There are good people and there are bad people... We must look at both ends of a situation, topic or argument to get a better general idea of what's going on... I believe doing harm to our planet is terrible, but we also have... Continue Reading →


Put down that phone for a good cause…

I invite you all to take this challenge -- it involves placing your phone down on a table and just leaving it...sounds easy doesn't it? It really is and you will be providing clean water for a child in need. Go to¬†UNICEFTAPPROJECT.ORG and get started. I just started today and am loving's so simple... Continue Reading →

Save the Polar Bears!

Polar bears are our furry and friends in the high north. But, what photographer Kerstin Langenberger captured is one bear that leaves us in awe. Why is it that this polar bear has become so thin? Bears need ice to survive and food is unable to be attained in most cases where ice has melted.... Continue Reading →

Save the Environment: Ready, set, go!

Here we are in the 21st century. Environmentalism took a turn for the better in the 1960s with pioneers such as Rachel Carson taking a firm stand for those who cannot speak. That's right -- all those problems including new issues have risen to such great magnitudes that we are overwhelmed by them in our... Continue Reading →

What is the future going to be like?

When we think of the future, what do we think of? Robots, flying cars, alien invasion, and possibly teleportation are the first things that come to our mind. However, the items mentioned assume that everything is going to get "better." I have to disagree...the world is not headed in the right direction and what we... Continue Reading →

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