Walk for charity

Charity Miles is an app where every step counts to raise money for charities. I started yesterday and logged in 4.2 miles just from walking. You can also select running or biking mode so it's versatile. Nonetheless, the app uses your phone's accelerometer or GPS to track movement. Just by signing up, selecting a charity... Continue Reading →


How I got involved with foreign music

Mainstream music is considered the "norm" here in America. There are probably very few people my age who listen to the music I do. The key message here is: If you don't listen to the most popular and latest hits or watch current movies, you are not going to have smooth conversations. This may be... Continue Reading →

Writing and Music

My writing space involves a desk and a laptop and I usually write in the early afternoon. Usually, I just free write and later edit to check for grammatical and spelling errors. The one thing I need is a little disturbance and music is just what it means. By music, I mean foreign music as... Continue Reading →

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