Let’s Eat 2 (Korean Drama) Impressions

Social skills are a must for any individual looking to advance anywhere in life. What is┬áLet's Eat 2? A drama with a focus on dining on delicious and tempting foods, but also a wake-up call for making social interactions meaningful. Meeting new people for the first time is a piece of cake for some (definitely... Continue Reading →


Why sad Korean Dramas are addicting

Imagine the most saddening series of events occurring - you've got the ideal Korean drama. Why does it draw us in? What makes the content so appealing? Although I'm a male, I find the saddest dramas to be the most interesting and also the most touching. The imagery and heartbreaking scenes are part of the... Continue Reading →

Squad 38 (Korean Drama) First Impression

I just started watching Squad 38 which is a  new drama about tax collecting, scamming and working lives of public officials. I have to say, I found several thoughtful quotes already. One of my favorites is: "The law is a bully. It's weak for the strong and strong for the weak." I was instantly reminded of... Continue Reading →

God of Study – Korean Drama

God of Study is a motivational drama involving an attorney who vows to teach 5 low-ranked high school students the meaning of hard work and get them into a top university.  I finished this 16 episode drama a little while ago and was put to tears. I usually get emotional quickly when dramas end and feel... Continue Reading →

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