3 Parts to Life

Suppose life consisted of 60 years... Part 1: Ages 1-20 = Learning how to live Part 2: Ages 21-40 = Living your life Part 3: Ages 41-60 = Teaching others how to live Isn't it amazing how life works??? Could this be a simple visualization of our purpose?

Pyramid Escape!

IntroductionImagine this. You're transported to a pyramid, but you're not alone. You find yourself accompanied by people of various ages, backgrounds and personalities. You all have one goal in mind: To escape the great pyramid! The challenge? You have to complete a set of tasks using teamwork, strategy and communication. After all, it's an all … Continue reading Pyramid Escape!

Why disadvantages will hinder you (with some added benefit)

Here we are in 2017. We're divided as ever and internal strife is harming our lifestyle. There are those struggling to survive while others are striving to make as much money as possible. Why is this? There are those who share their deepest thoughts, but they feel as hopeless as ever. Why doesn't anyone listen? … Continue reading Why disadvantages will hinder you (with some added benefit)