No words

I yearn for more. 2 lines is all I get. No more. No less. The words stop flowing like a river barricaded by fallen trees. I wait and cry out from inside, but no voice is uttered.  My heart aches for something new. "Hey, we haven't talked in a long time." Yes, we haven't, but... Continue Reading →


An act of kindness is waiting…

A man dressed in worn-out clothing with a leg injury passes by many in the ever lively NYC. Businessmen, lawyers, doctors, teachers and others zoomed by him, not even giving the man a simple "hello" or cheerful wave.  What does it take to notice someone? Do they have to be critically injured? Do we not... Continue Reading →

Salt Trader and Miner

The ones who toiled in the salt mines know. The ones who struggled to survive selling salt know. No matter where the ancients lived or worked, we can see the mirror images.  Kings were like presidents.  The blue and white collar workers are like the working class shuffling through the markets. The land was vast... Continue Reading →

Why sad Korean Dramas are addicting

Imagine the most saddening series of events occurring - you've got the ideal Korean drama. Why does it draw us in? What makes the content so appealing? Although I'm a male, I find the saddest dramas to be the most interesting and also the most touching. The imagery and heartbreaking scenes are part of the... Continue Reading →

Life is temporary and a test

A life may end as soon as after birth or last as long as a hundred years. Whatever the amount, it is a fleeting event. As the years pass, we develop thoughts, views and opinions of the world around us. Depending on where we grew up, our home environment and any other pre-existing conditions before... Continue Reading →

Play music and reflect on the week

Unwinding after the work week on Friday is a common way of relaxing but also thinking back to the good and bad that has happened earlier in the week is important. Every Friday night, I put on some of my favorite music and just think in the background and reflect on all that has happened.... Continue Reading →

Life is short…(Mike Mohede’s passing)

I recently found out Mike Mohede, a young Indonesian singer, passed away. He was only 32 and a heart attack claimed his life...and it brings me to say this: we live too far ahead and behind ourselves. Mike had a beautiful voice and conveyed such powerful messages through his songs. Although I have only discovered... Continue Reading →

Walk for charity

Charity Miles is an app where every step counts to raise money for charities. I started yesterday and logged in 4.2 miles just from walking. You can also select running or biking mode so it's versatile. Nonetheless, the app uses your phone's accelerometer or GPS to track movement. Just by signing up, selecting a charity... Continue Reading →

Squad 38 (Korean Drama) First Impression

I just started watching Squad 38 which is a  new drama about tax collecting, scamming and working lives of public officials. I have to say, I found several thoughtful quotes already. One of my favorites is: "The law is a bully. It's weak for the strong and strong for the weak." I was instantly reminded of... Continue Reading →

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