Lives Lost, Strength Gained

Dedicated to the lives lost due to school shootings: You were a star student, You were a star athlete, You were a future engineer, doctor, lawyer, Yet your life was cut short. Why? Those who were led astray, Those who couldn't handle what was inside, Those who were left behind, Have committed horrific acts. Why?... Continue Reading →


Happy World Meteorological Day!

Yesterday was World Meteorological Day so I have another poem ready in honor of our wonderful atmosphere: You are the sky, sun and clouds, In cities you hover far above the crowds. Sometimes you pour down rain on us, Only to give us a surprise when we must take the bus. With El Nino and... Continue Reading →

Happy World Water Day!

A poem for all the tiny drops of water that make up our vast oceans, rivers, lakes, seas and ponds: People say you are life, But in a few decades, we will undergo a strife. The poor are deprived of you, While the fortunate are indifferent of you. Conservation is key to keep you alive,... Continue Reading →

Happy International Forest Day!

Here's a poem for all those trees providing us oxygen on this wonderful day and for many years...   Oh mighty trees, you sway left and right. Your branches sometimes fly like frisbees, but no problem, you grow them right back with sufficient light. With photosynthesis you suck in carbon and make oxygen and food,... Continue Reading →

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