God of Study – Korean Drama

God of Study is a motivational drama involving an attorney who vows to teach 5 low-ranked high school students the meaning of hard work and get them into a top university.  I finished this 16 episode drama a little while ago and was put to tears. I usually get emotional quickly when dramas end and feel... Continue Reading →


Why we need to be more open…

Wherever we go, we see cultures that have peculiar habits, values, and beliefs. To us, their behaviors are a mystery and will remain that way - after all, we are here to explore, learn and adapt. But, relationships, health and many other topics are very closed. What do I mean? We tend to shy away and do things that... Continue Reading →

Two sides to everything

There are good memories and there are some that are bad... There are good people and there are bad people... We must look at both ends of a situation, topic or argument to get a better general idea of what's going on... I believe doing harm to our planet is terrible, but we also have... Continue Reading →

Using QGIS for the first time!

QGIS is a free version of the more popular, ArcGIS. However, there is much to learn and I am just doing the tutorial. My file got corrupted for some reason so I started the "basic map" project again and here is what it looks like so far. The coloring and outlining is all done in... Continue Reading →

How I got involved with foreign music

Mainstream music is considered the "norm" here in America. There are probably very few people my age who listen to the music I do. The key message here is: If you don't listen to the most popular and latest hits or watch current movies, you are not going to have smooth conversations. This may be... Continue Reading →

Something we need to change

A parent goes to get lunch with the baby in the car. Upon arrival, the parent says, "Hey, it'll only take minute. My baby can stay inside." Regardless of the hot weather, the parent goes, slowly sapping the life away from the baby. Something we need to change "Hey dad, turn on the news." "Ok,... Continue Reading →

A single Classical Greek sentence

I could not wait to start my first Classical Greek homework assignment. The task was to translate simple sentences. Along with basic present verb forms, imperatives and vocabulary, I was taking my first steps and tackling Greek. One thing I must say is the incredibly hilarious sentences and fun vocabulary. We would never think of... Continue Reading →

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