MLTR – Breaking My Heart + That’s Why You Go Away

Found some songs I can't stop listening to this weekend....Breaking My Heart, That's Why You Go Away by Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR). Hope you enjoy them, too...! Cover Image Credit:


Play music and reflect on the week

Unwinding after the work week on Friday is a common way of relaxing but also thinking back to the good and bad that has happened earlier in the week is important. Every Friday night, I put on some of my favorite music and just think in the background and reflect on all that has happened.... Continue Reading →

Life is short…(Mike Mohede’s passing)

I recently found out Mike Mohede, a young Indonesian singer, passed away. He was only 32 and a heart attack claimed his life...and it brings me to say this: we live too far ahead and behind ourselves. Mike had a beautiful voice and conveyed such powerful messages through his songs. Although I have only discovered... Continue Reading →

5 Hobbies of Mine

  I thought it'd be nice to write about a couple of my hobbies: Greek - You probably already know this if you've read my previous posts but I am completely mesmerized and taken by the language. I like to share anything Greek with friends and family, be it food, word roots or lines from... Continue Reading →

A beautiful new song I found! :)

I may know a few languages, but not Indonesian (only some words but no grammar! :D). Anyway, just discovered this song recently and I don't know why, but it's simply amazing and Isyana Sarasvati's voice is incredible. It is time we come to appreciate music that is not in our native/fluent tongue - who knows,... Continue Reading →

How I got involved with foreign music

Mainstream music is considered the "norm" here in America. There are probably very few people my age who listen to the music I do. The key message here is: If you don't listen to the most popular and latest hits or watch current movies, you are not going to have smooth conversations. This may be... Continue Reading →

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