Gift of Words to my Mother + Earth Mother

To my wonderful, patient and concerned mother: I have wronged you many times in the past, but I am glad to have had such amazing learning experiences. You teach me to speak up, so I do. I may be quiet in-person, but I write to have my voice heard. We walk many, many miles together... Continue Reading →


Why we need to be more open…

Wherever we go, we see cultures that have peculiar habits, values, and beliefs. To us, their behaviors are a mystery and will remain that way - after all, we are here to explore, learn and adapt. But, relationships, health and many other topics are very closed. What do I mean? We tend to shy away and do things that... Continue Reading →

Are we citizens of the world?

Socrates said:  I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world. Socrates amazes me with all his wonderful wisdom and quotes found around the web. There is hardly a day where Socrates is never mentioned whenever I check social media. This quote reminds me of the term "global citizen" and... Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Day!!!

Enjoy the sweet smell of the air, let the sun shine on you and look around at the greenery, be it trees or brush. Just relax and let everything nature seep inside you...

Lessons from Resume Editing

Since graduation, I've been constantly working on my resume by finding out tips from people on websites. The funny thing is that EVERYONE says the same thing: "My tips will get you interviews." However, after months of job searching, I still had no luck. After 2016 came I knew I had to look for something more unique...and... Continue Reading →

Colored Lobster

Studies show coloring books help you manage stress by forcing you to think of little details...that is where coloring comes in and it requires your full and undivided attention. Little by little, you find that you have spent hours just trying to color one creature! It's all worth it in the end! 🙂 Hope you... Continue Reading →

Trying out an HTML only post

I am learning HTML so this post will be entirely written in that way. I am excited to put my basic skills to practice so it will be short. Just for fun: Two languages I speak besides English (getting used to creating lists) and one I'd like to learn! Urdu - my native language! Spanish... Continue Reading →

5 Hobbies of Mine

  I thought it'd be nice to write about a couple of my hobbies: Greek - You probably already know this if you've read my previous posts but I am completely mesmerized and taken by the language. I like to share anything Greek with friends and family, be it food, word roots or lines from... Continue Reading →

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