24 – No “Real” Friends? No problem.

Since high school, which was around 10 years ago, I found myself embracing solitude. I've only hung out with "friends" a maximum of 6-7 times in those past 10 years. Now, I'm 24 (not in contact with any classmates or friends from the past) and have never had/made calls to any friends except for a... Continue Reading →


Got Friends?

A friend is: One who can relate to you. One who knows what's happening to you. One who can vouch for you in the event of an emergency or an urgency. Friendship is perceived differently by any two given people. One may believe fewer friends is best while another grasps the notion of popularity. Who... Continue Reading →

Dear Rezin,

Dear Rezin, My long time friend on DDTank, I hope you are well. I can never forget the wonderful memories we have had. We struggled in Ares battles for hours and successfully completed missions many times over. I have to say you were an awesome friend who just kept me motivated and kept me company... Continue Reading →

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