We Are One

We breathe the same air. We inhabit the same planet. We face struggles. We have different moods throughout the day. We lose our beloved. We share what bothers us. We have our bad habits, but strive to eliminate them. We have our crushes and losses. We feel hope which empowers us. We feel hopeless at... Continue Reading →


Be Free

Wake up. Cut the tv and other distractions and unleash your inner demon. Let your thoughts take over. Destroy any drips of materialism and wealth in an instant. Channel your energy to the brain. Concentrate - 1,2,3. Are you ready? It's that time of year again. But remember, be free... You hear the crowds chattering -... Continue Reading →

Letter to Posterity

Dear people of the future: It is a hectic time now in 2016. We have achieved so little even when we think we have the best technology and most wealth. War is still plaguing our planet. Every day you would have heard the cries of children and mothers. Every now and then you would hear... Continue Reading →

Why we need to be more open…

Wherever we go, we see cultures that have peculiar habits, values, and beliefs. To us, their behaviors are a mystery and will remain that way - after all, we are here to explore, learn and adapt. But, relationships, health and many other topics are very closed. What do I mean? We tend to shy away and do things that... Continue Reading →

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