Job Searching Gripes

Whether you're a recent graduate, soon-to-be graduate or seasoned professional, chances are you're going to be involved in a job search. Too young or too old? Too much or too little experience? These can be concerns, but there are 2 issues that vex me (there are more definitely to discuss!) and probably make you wonder... Continue Reading →


Have you checked out these sites?

This post will be solely devoted to discovering something new. Sometimes, we tend to explore only the popular sites...but, there are tons of sites that are informative! Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge... 1) Earth Directory - Earth Directory is a site dedicated to showing you how sustainable businesses are the future and contains a growing number of articles on... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Resume Editing

Since graduation, I've been constantly working on my resume by finding out tips from people on websites. The funny thing is that EVERYONE says the same thing: "My tips will get you interviews." However, after months of job searching, I still had no luck. After 2016 came I knew I had to look for something more unique...and... Continue Reading →

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