Pyramid Escape!

IntroductionImagine this. You're transported to a pyramid, but you're not alone. You find yourself accompanied by people of various ages, backgrounds and personalities. You all have one goal in mind: To escape the great pyramid! The challenge? You have to complete a set of tasks using teamwork, strategy and communication. After all, it's an all... Continue Reading →


Toastmasters Speech #2: What MMORPGs Taught Me About Life

Toastmasters is a club where you not only enhance your public speaking skills┬ábut also get inspiration from others. Learn more and do more! Here is what my second speech looked like: Mister Toastmaster, fellow members (and guests). Many of us would enjoy making friends from all over the world and engaging with the global community.... Continue Reading →

5 Important Life Lessons from Warcraft

Warcraft takes place in a magical world, but did you know deep inside there are some hidden gems? It's not just a story, it's like Aesop's fables - crafted for more than just reading. Here we go: 1) Work together to combat evil: Humans, orcs and elves fought together to protect the world from the... Continue Reading →

Dear Rezin,

Dear Rezin, My long time friend on DDTank, I hope you are well. I can never forget the wonderful memories we have had. We struggled in Ares battles for hours and successfully completed missions many times over. I have to say you were an awesome friend who just kept me motivated and kept me company... Continue Reading →

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