3 Parts to Life

Suppose life consisted of 60 years... Part 1: Ages 1-20 = Learning how to live Part 2: Ages 21-40 = Living your life Part 3: Ages 41-60 = Teaching others how to live Isn't it amazing how life works??? Could this be a simple visualization of our purpose?


Happy World Water Day!

A poem for all the tiny drops of water that make up our vast oceans, rivers, lakes, seas and ponds: People say you are life, But in a few decades, we will undergo a strife. The poor are deprived of you, While the fortunate are indifferent of you. Conservation is key to keep you alive,... Continue Reading →

Unconventional Thoughts

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” -Bertrand Russell We are quick to judge when something different is said. It is as if we clutch to our traditional thoughts and don't attempt to fathom someone else's thoughts. We think we are right and the other side... Continue Reading →

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